I can’t believe its been almost two years

Where the the time go? I haven’t been on this page for almost two years and I’m trying to think what have I been doing for that time. I know recently I photographed the Blood Moon, October 2015.

Blood Moon Progress 3

Most of this year was fighting my neighbor with a boundary dispute. I can’t believe how easy its been for him to steal my property and I’m talking about 1/4 acre. Started back in the fall of 2009 and thought it was going to end this year but he manipulated the evidence and won. I’m fighting still on an appeal.

I work for a company that puts people 55 an older back to work. I work out of a senior center where I worked the front desk greeting people and scheduling local transportation. I also taught computers to the seniors along with photography. My recent photography class I held a session on exposure and lighting. I used an old cover bridge and trying to capture the light inside.


In order to capture the details inside you have to sacrifice the lighting outside. There are ways to make both inside and outside but it takes a few photo and merge them. Before  the photo class I taught a computer class dealing with the new Windows 10. I upgraded Windows 10 to my computer and had it for almost three full days before I went back to Windows 7, too many errors in just those few days for me to keep it.

July of this year brings around the local fair. In the past I would enter my photos but haven’t for a few years. Someone changed the display format this year and I didn’t like it. Didn’t seem like there was a photo contest going on. So I only go one day out of the 5 days it runs for. Seems like the whole fair went through a change.

DSC00856  DSC00860  DSC00886  DSC00891

Seeing how this is my first post I thought I would introduce myself. I just turned 60 this past September and I’ve seen and done a lot of things. One of the things I enjoy is photography. I’ve been at it since 1972. I’ve won several ribbons from the local fair each year and I think the hardest contest to enter is the online photo contest. I won first and third place in one. My photos were in a gallery where I was artist of the month of July 2004. I don’t strive for these things, I just love sharing my photos.


To get some of my photos I like to travel. I live in the foothills of the White Mountains in New Hampshire but they are only hills compared to the mountains of Alaska. Beautiful state to go to. My wife and I took our first cruise there in 2012 and loved it Our first time on a cruise and first time in Alaska. I don’t have to travel far to get good shots because they’re right in my own backyard but it’s nice to get out and see other parts of the world.


I am a double amputee and I started losing my legs in 2001. I figured if I was going to get out and see the world I better do it while I could. In 2002 my wife and I flew to Hawaii. I had lost my right leg before we went and I walked around on a prosthetic leg.

paul @ gardens

I think the hardest part was a sailing tour we took. When we got on the boat they wanted us to take our shoes and socks off. A little hard for me to do that. It was very nice and a little windy out on the water.

gave up trying

We stayed on Maui when we went and it’s a beautiful island. I think we drove everywhere a rental car could  go. Went north around the island  to watch the surfers. East along the road to Hanna and out to Lindbergh grave site.

lindbergh grave

Another distance travel was Aruba. It would have been nice if I got to see more of the place but I was having heart issues and didn’t know it. I kept putting it off to the hot weather there. I’ve had a heat stroke a few times and it felt like that. Aruba has some very white beaches. People thought I Photoshopped the color in but that’s how it looks.


This was in 2009 and by that time I had lost my left leg. I wasn’t doing to good with body parts but that’s all I’ve lost. I am walking on two prosthetic legs and doing very well. It’s like walking on stilts. I have to pick and choose the ground I walk on but that’s easy. I suppose it looked strange me laying in a chair at the beach with my legs off.


I don’t let the lost of my legs stop me so if you’re reading this don’t feel sorry for me. I enjoy life so I keep going. If I didn’t I would see much but four walls at my house. This is why I love photography because I get to get out and take pictures.


I wouldn’t have seen this little guy sitting at home. I found him digging at the sand trying to get food off a hook someone left in the sand. I suppose if I hadn’t seen  that someone would have gotten a hook in their foot. He kicked some sand at me and left mad.


A very colorful show the place put on where we stayed. I love Aruba but have to go back and see more of it maybe.

Well besides Photography I like to design and build  tings in wood but I’ll share that in another post.